Since our company has been developing for nearly two decades, it has always focused on the technological R&D, innovation and development of the IVD industry, with the mission of pursuing product quality and customer service. Insisting on the development ideology of technology leading and service first, Kinbio has established the demonstrative laboratory with advanced equipment and complete services, and cultivated a large batch of technical talents, in order to provide diagnostic test strip development and related technical services for the customers as much as possible, and became a high-quality service provider of rapid diagnostic reagents.
We can provide you with various technical services of immunoassay technology training, antigen/antibody raw material evaluation, colloidal gold technology transfer, commissioned personnel training and technical consulting services, and provide integrated service of research and development and production of immunoassay test strips.


Immunoassay Technology Training
It will be taught by the industry experts in person. The contents include immunoassay related knowledge, the process of theoretical explanation and experimental operation. We have conducted systematic analysis and discussion on the technical problems encountered in the process of R & D and production, and arranged the demonstration and experience links as for immunoassay equipment drawing attention from the customers.


Antigen/Antibody Raw Material Evaluation
The raw material of the antigen and antibody is the core of the reaction of the colloidal gold test strip, and the quality of the raw material directly affects the quality of the product. According to customer needs, we provide antigen/antibody raw material evaluation services to improve product quality.

Colloidal Gold Technology Transfer
For intending or growing scientific research units and enterprises, Kinbio may provide mature and stable production process technology transfer and relevant process documents.


Commissioned Personnel Training and Technical Consulting Services
According to the customer's project status and needs, Kinbio can provide technical personnel training, laboratory leasing and technical consulting services.


Rapid Test Kit Turnkey Project
According to customer needs, we can undertake a full range of services such as the design of a full range of colloidal gold test strip production workshop, standardized laboratory, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, production process flow, etc., and provide corresponding technology transfer according to the actual needs of customers.  
Kinbio Biotech meets the product needs of different customers from software and hardware, and also seeks cross-field diversified product development and cooperation models. For more details, please call us or field visit our company.

“We are not only offering you the price, also we are offering you the quality, service and future business prospects.”