With the the second coming of the new crown epidemic in various places, various testing methods are urgently needed in order to detect the virus at the 1st time and control the epidemic. Many countries have also begun to use faster and lower-cost antigen testing methods to overcome the shortcomings of other testing methods, and the demand for antigen testing kits is also increasing.

Product labeling is inseparable from the production process of antigen test kits. As one of the important methods to ensure product quality, product labeling has received the attention of manufacturers. Important information such as product name, specification, production date, expiration date, and production batch number needs to be completed by coding technology. Under dual driven by the market big data to product quality and traceability systems, laser coding technology has been introduced into the IVD industry to work hand in hand with automation equipment.

The automatic equipment for cassette assembly, packaging and coding produced by Kinbio can provide customers with special customization for the production of new crown antigen testing kits, which can solve the POCT product identification and improve the overall product quality, improve production efficiency, and enhance the brand's influence on quality.

What is the attraction of laser coding equipment?

During the current virus pandemic, the demand for rapid diagnostic kits is increasing, and more IVD manufacturers are mass-producing test kits. Therefore, efficient, fast, accurate, and environmentally friendly laser coding system is applied to test kits logo printing.



The traditional method of testing reagent kits identification printing was mainly silk-screen printing, but silk-screen printing faced problems such as cumbersome plate making, poor printing quality and pollution. Similarly, ink jet printing used on flat materials also has problems such as high pollution, high consumables, high failures, and frequent maintenance.

Compared with traditional ink printing, laser printers are faster, do not need ink, which greatly reduce environmental pollution, meet product safety and environmental protection requirements, and the coding of laser printers is clearer, which can maintain product information more persistently and safeguard consumer rights.




Principle of Laser Coding



The laser generates a high-energy laser beam, then it is focused by the field lens, and the focused very small light spot acts on the surface of the material to be processed, causing the surface of the material to be oxidized, melted, or even vaporized, resulting in changes in color or depth, and achieves laser marking purpose.

Through marking software editing and controlling card signal to control the moving path of the laser beam on the surface of the material according to the way we designed, so that the required text, pattern, etc. can be marked on a two-dimensional plane or a 3D surface.

The light source of laser mainly includes infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), CO2, etc. Some materials can be applied to two or more lasers, but some materials are complex in nature and not suitable for classification. Based on the above reasons, it is necessary to test and verify it and select the most suitable light source.



Comparison of Laser Coding and Traditional Technology




The fully automatic material sorting UV laser coding system of Kinbio is composed of material sorting device, conveying mechanism, laser coding system, visual recognition and rejection system, and smoke purification system. Its smoke purification system can process and purify the smoke generated during laser coding, eliminate any harmful chemical substances, and improve product quality.




Reliable and stable automatic laser coding machine is the pursuit of many IVD manufacturers. For customers, clear and accurate identification is a way to identify the brand, and it is also a sign of confidence in long-term safe use. Kinbio provides you with stable, high-quality and efficient automatic cassettes assembly, packaging and coding equipment to promote the development of the IVD industry and also helps IVD manufacturers to unify logo management and build a good brand image.


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