When the wheel of time heads for the last leg of 2020

Are you well this year?

Standing at the door of the years

Let's say goodbye to the extremely extraordinary year 2020

And say hello to the new year 2021!


Looking back on 2020

A very difficult year

The fight against the epidemic just eased slightly

The resumption of work and production has just begun

And the annual ring has crossed another threshold.


We bid farewell to 2020

Looking forward to meeting with 2021

To start a new year


During this period

We are united and walking hand in hand

Together we carry the common dream

And fill the cabin with the harvest.


Together, we counted every bit of beauty when we came

And the joy of harvest leaped over our brows.

In this journey

There are dreams of fighting together

And growth of walking together.


Entering 2021

We are both fighters and dream chasers.

2021, the seas and stars


Kinbio does not forget its original intention and mission

Dreams of the future and writes a new chapter!

May we all contribute warmth and strength to a better world

To make our hearts freer and our lives broader


  • “we are not only offering you the price, also we are offering you the quality, service and future business prospects.”

New Year's Day Message | Farewell To The Old And Welcome The New, To Dream Of The Future...