On December 20th, Perth, located at 31 degrees 52 minutes and 48 seconds south latitude and 115 degrees 52 minutes and 58 seconds east longitude in Western Australia, with an average temperature of 29℃, known as "the most lonely city in the world", has been surrounded by the hot festival atmosphere. At the same time, the automatic multiple strip assembling machine ACP818 (triple strip & chip)which is self developed by Shanghai Kinbio Biotech passed the acceptance of AT company, the world leader in alcohol and drug (AOD) detection, and finally went into production. 

Multiple strip assembling machine ACP818

Single strip assembling machine is a relatively common automatic strip assembling equipment on the market. By feeding a single semi-finished uncut sheet of biomedical diagnostic test strip or biochemical test strip through the automatic feeding system, it is cut into test strips of a specific width, and automatically identify and remove the waste strips, and then assemble a single strip into the plastic bottom cassette, the plastic face cassette is then pressed and discharged in the automatic production process.

This multiple strip assembling machine customized by AT company is based on single strip assembling machine, which replaces a single semi-finished uncut sheet with multiple semi-finished uncut sheets, and then feeds them to the automatic feeding system. After being cut into strips, the waste strips are visually removed, then the plastic bottom cassette is loaded. After that, the specific chip is assembled, and then the face cassette is pressed and discharged in the automatic production process.

Compared with the single strip assembling machine, the customer-customized multiple strip assembling machine has an increased number of strips (three strips), special materials (increased chips), and at the same time a plastic cassette is with a special shape. In addition to strict requirements for single modules , also has higher requirements for the linkage of the whole machine. In order to meet customer requirements and ensure the assembling quality of the test strips and chips, the multiple strip assembling machine performs multiple visual inspections at test strip into cassette, chip into cassette and face cassette closing station, remove the unqualified materials and improve qualified product rate.


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Congratulations |Shanghai Kinbio first multiple strip (triple strip & chip) assembling machine successfully put into production in Australia