As the global new crown epidemic is raging, and in this global event of fighting the COVID-19, the IVD industry, plays a vital role in preventing the spread of the virus. Under the pandemic, various detection reagent and biological companies have become the hot spot nowadays. In order to help more IVD industry professionals to complete the R&D and production of detection reagents, grasp the current situation, understand the production process and application of immunochromatographic test strips and the selection of suitable raw materials, the  immunochromatographic diagnostic technology seminar hosted by Kinbio and Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and co-organized by Beijing Nanokin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and China Agricultural University ended successfully in Changchun on October 30, 2020.

This seminar mainly focuses on colloidal gold immunochromatography technology, the choice of in vitro diagnostic materials, the application of immunochromatographic test strip production technology, on-site technical operations and equipment demonstrations etc. Specially invited experts and colleagues from Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Nanokin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and China Agricultural University to discuss the development and application of immunochromatographic technology.



 Elites from more than 30 industries all over the country gathered together to share technology and exchange ideas at the seminar site. The atmosphere was warm and made us feel the enthusiasm for knowledge and the spirit of professional research of the industry elites.



The seminar includes lectures and discussions, laboratory guidance and hands-on operations, participants' hands-on operations and discussions.


Day 1 Lectures and Discussions



 Wenzhuang Zhu, China Agricultural University

Preparation and immunolabeling of colloidal gold nanoparticles



Jun Yin, Beijing Nanokin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

On quantum dot fluorescence detection technology



Jian Zeng, Shanghai Kinbio Tech. Co., Ltd

On how to quickly establish an immunochromatographic production line

In the theme lecture session, under the auspices of the lecturers, the participants conducted in-depth discussions on the key points in the research of each subject, including how to make colloidal gold solution with uniform quality, quantum dot labeling, product development, and selection of production equipment and consumables , the selection of colloidal gold compound solution and sample pad treatment solution and other topics. In response to the scientific elements, strategies and key points of different topics, as well as case study, everyone speaks freely and actively participates. Through the collision and blending of different views, the perspectives and research suggestions of the topic research are enriched.


Day 2 Experimental Guidance and Operation







After the theme lectures on the first day, everyone had a certain understanding of the related topics. On the second day, the lecturer conducted experiments on the theory explained by him. The on-site operation gave everyone a deeper understanding of the knowledge of different topics.


Day 3 Hands-on Operation





On the third day of the seminar is the important part of the participants’ hands-on experimentation, aiming to deepen their understanding of the subject content through personal practice and discussion. Conduct in-depth discussions on key issues in the subject and further improve the research results. The atmosphere of the actual operation site was harmonious, and the whole session provided a platform for communication with each other, which benefited everyone a lot.

The seminar is a wonderful journey for people in the IVD industry, as well as a dialogue for mutual exchanges and communication. It provides researchers in related fields with an opportunity to understand and learn immunochromatographic diagnostic technology, and jointly boost the IVD industry, thereby promoting and accelerating the development of the industry and preparing for pandemic challenges.



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Boost IVD Industry Fight The Pandemic | Sidelights on the Bioimmunochromatographic Diagnostics Technology Seminar Held by Kinbio