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Automatic Packaging Machine APM616

The packaging machine is a full-automatic device which can automatically put the cassette, desiccant and dropper into aluminum foil bag and be sealed. Via the vibrating plate, the cassette, desiccant and dropper will be automatically folded to the automatic feeding device and then transported to the multi-functional platform in order. The platform will transport the materials to the packing station. The equipment will automatically draw the aluminum foil bag from tank and open it, and then the materials will be put into it. Finally, aluminum foil bag with materials will be sealed and the products are finished. The equipment can be used by connecting the automatic assembling machine ACP818. 

Technical Parameters:

Packaging speed:  40-50 bags/minute                                          
Cassette size:  70 x 20 x 5mm (customized)
Desiccant size:  30 x 18 x 3.5mm (customized)                            
Dropper size: Ø7x82
Aluminum foil bag size:  120 x 65 x 0.2mm (customized)           
Equipment dimension:  1900x1250x1400mm

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