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Sheet Laminator CTM550

Developed by Shanghai Kinbio Tech Co., Ltd., CTM550 is suitable for manual or automatic (by a supporting automatic feeding device) delivery of backing cardss (with interleaving paper peeled off). It is capable for continuous pasting of 1-2 kinds of roll-type auxiliary materials (rolled NC membrane or absorbent paper). The pasting position of each material can be adjusted and the connection between large boards during pasting is controlled by a sensor. The backing cards after pasting can be cut by the end cutter based on automatic-identified length. This machine improves production efficiency and laminating quality, with less manual operation and material contamination. It features adjustable operation speed and individual tension control and material alarm for each auxiliary material, making it suitable for batch production of chromatographic test paper. In addition, it decreases the chance of material contamination during operation. Featuring SIEMENS PLC control system and touchable interface for operation, CTM550 is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

Technical parameters:

Running velocity:10-30Pcs/Min            
Conveying speed:50~150mm/s
Strap deviation:±0.15mm/per 100m        
Backing card length:260~310mm(Other size can be customized )
Backing card width:59-98mm(Other size can be customized )
Backing card thickness:<0.5mm
NC membrane width:18、20、25mm(Other size can be customized )
Absorbent Pad width:15-45mm
The inner diameter of the core fits the range:75~78mm
The largest OD of NC membrane:250mm
The largest OD of Absorbent Pad : 400mm
Power Voltage:220V
Machine power:300w

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