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Reel to Card Laminator and Dispenser CTM650+HM8008

Reel to card laminator and dispenser consists of reel to card laminator CTM650 and continuous dispenser HM8008. It is suitable for the continuous laminating and non-continuous cutting of rolling NC membrane. After dispensing, the dispensed backing card can be cut into the semi-uncut sheet in specified length (such as 300mm). The equipment combines the laminating and dispensing process, improves the large-scale production efficiency and reduces the possibility of pollution. 

Technical parameters:

Operating speed: 50-200mm/s (10-40 cards/minute)         
Laminating precision: 100m film is only±0.15mm
Width of backing card: 55-98mm                             
Thickness of backing card: < 0.5mm
With of membrane: 18, 20, 25 mm (others are customized)   
Absorbent paper width: 15-45 mm(others are customized)
Cutting length: 260-600 mm                          
Mainframe dimension: 1600 x 480 x 960mm

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