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Large Platform Sensing Dispenser

HM3260 upgrades from large platform XYZ dispenser HM3230 because the color is shallow and the dispensing is difficult after coating fluorescent substances and drying. The spray module adds the detection mark line probe. The staff need to print the instructions on the sprayed material. When the probe detects the indicator line, it can solve the problem that the conventional gold spraying instrument cannot be located, and it is the ideal choice for the fluorescent products user.
Technical parameters: 
Dispensing efficiency: 200-300 sheets (30cm) /hour     
Spraying efficiency: 1200-1400 strips (30cm)/hour
X axis speed: 50-200mm/s                              
Platform (working) area: 540x224(320x210) mm
Gliding tips minimum interval: 3mm         
Gliding tips distance adjustment: Stepless adjustment by screw rod
Dispensing pump standard capacity: 500ul     
Spraying pump standard capacity: 1000ul
Dispenser reagent concentration: 0.1—9.99ul/cm     
Minimum fill and drain volume: 1ul
Reagent residual volume: 0                        
Gliding tip position precision: ± 0.1mm
Equipment dimension: 540 x 450 x 350mm                  
Equipment weight: 32KG

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Add: No. 901, Renyi Village, Xinchang Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai 201314, China

Tel: +8621-3801 5525

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